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Support a Progressive Future for Southwest Pennsylvania

Abortion is Health Care up to 20 Weeks

Anti-Corruption Enforcement

Bill of Rights (food & medical – human rights)

Establish Immigration Visa Overstay Program

Establish Vocational Training Program

Homeless Populations Study (renovate empty buildings)

Immigration Reform – Humane solutions and no state interference

Internal Investigation Committee

Investigate Systemic Abuses of Mentally Disabled/Handicapped

Minimum Wage Increase

Prison Reform

Pro 2nd Amendment—Close Background Check Loopholes

Qualified Immunity Ends for All Law Enforcement

Rank Choice Voting

Re-Establish Voting Rights Act

Reform Private Prison Policies


Study on Medical Racism

Support LANDBACK, Reparations, MMIW, ICWA

Tax on Corporate Profits to Help Small Businesses

Veteran Housing Solutions

Veterans Assistance/Promotion

Issues I Care About

Veteran’s Services

Economic Equity

Government Accountability

Environmental Issues

Reproductive Freedom

Affordable Healthcare & Childcare

Infrastructure Repair

Civil Rights



Pennsylvania’s 14th congressional district covers a large area in the southwestern region of the state. The district encompasses the entirety of five counties: Fayette, Greene, Washington, Westmoreland, and Somerset. It also includes significant portions of Indiana County.

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.  Kimberly Felan

Democratic Candidate
For DC House PA-14


My name is Kimberly Felan from Somerset County, SW Pennsylvania. I am running for the House of Representatives in ’24, District 14.

Our country needs to stop dividing on constitutional issues, acquire better leadership, and work together for the best of the people. I want to talk to you, my constituents, colleagues, and supporters, and earn your vote on April 23, 2024.

I honestly think the public wants to solve problems, not continue hateful rhetoric between brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends, and colleagues. I have focused on politics since 2008 with a Masters degree in political science.

Many folks on the political left and right believe we are too far apart and can’t unify and come together for the better of our country. I do not share this view. United States citizens do not want to fight each other but want to prosper and grow together. Yes, of course, there are extreme cases of individuals or groups who will never be happy or content, but that is not most of our country and that is not who I am writing to now.


With your support, I want to go to DC and make my best 120% attempt to help repair our fractured political system. Our mutual love of country, neighbors, friends, and family is greater than hate, and I feel many people are tired of all the divisiveness and nasty rhetoric.

I am asking for good vibes and moral support, and if you have a few bucks, that’s awesome too. I believe in fighting for justice equally at all levels, especially if you have power and wealth, and trying to do the right thing, standing up even if that means you must do it alone.

I have little money, power, prestige, or wealth. I’m often full of passion, piss, and vineger about things I see as unfair or when I see injustice. Bigwigs, or wealthy and powerful people often see me as a nuisance.

However, when the citizens get tired of inappropriate leadership, suffering, and corruption, and gather the effort it takes to create change, we can stand up and speak through our votes and action.

I am determined to fight for my district and these six counties. I believe the people and our country deserve better than the standards and needs represented in our commonwealth today:

Indiana County (most)
Fayette County
Greene County
Somerset County
Washington County
Westmoreland County

I volunteered on the Obama campaigns, and I even initiated a local Indivisible group called Indivisible Resistance of the Laurel Highlands in early 2017.

Short and sweet, I describe myself as: a humanitarian, tenacious, defender, advocate, Democrat, moderate, problem solver, parent, the family matriarch, chauffeur, advisor, hugger, empathetic, ethical, believing in democracy, transparency, accountability, honesty, and believe in unions and the power of the people.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

I’m not about getting things done for others but showing others how to get things done for themselves.

Kimberly Felan


Mark your calendar and don’t forget to show your support.

We’re getting closer every day so be sure to save the date. If you need help finding your voting location, check the directory of precinct places or contact your local Board of Elections for details.


It is safer and a great way to make sure your vote is counted.


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